Re: [OT?] PCC controller video
  Matthew Geier

On 09/08/17 12:44, Richard Youltressteleg@... [TramsDownUnder]



> Both worked at the tramway's main workshop, the wife's job being to

> rebuild the PCC controllers used on the Tatra cars.


> I can never remember which is WH and which is GE but anyway it is the

> type with all the resistance grids bolted together in a circle and a

> rotating arm which made contact with the grids.

Tatra obtained a Transit Systems license and build versions of the
Westinghouse WH controller.
I gather license payments stopped with the iron curtain :-).

Tatra went on to build more PCCs than the US builders combined.

The two versions work the same way with a drum, but the GE one tends to
be mounted horizontally under the car, where as the WH is vertical. (I
think that was the key difference, orientation).