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The Metro-Cammel units in their original form have such a British look about them.

Please keep the Hong Kong photos coming. I've thought about going to Hong Kong one day.


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Hello everyone .
The rail line from Kowloon to Tsim Sha Tsui opened on the 1st of October 1910 as part of the Kowloon Canton railway , in 1982 it became the Kowloon - Canton Railway Corporation and ran freight and electric trains in the British controlled area of Hong Kong to the border with China , the locomotives at the time of my visit in 1991 were 5 EMD G12 diesel locos built by Clyde in Australia and four EMD G16s , three built in America and the last one built by Clyde Engineering in Australia, also a large fleet of suburban E.M.U cars built by Metro Cammell in England in 1983 , here are a few shots taken of this railway .
Cheers .
John Phillips.

[Wed Photos 10]
A 1983 built Metro Cammell built E.M.U heads into Hung Hom station , the lines to the left head to the freight yards and locomotive shed.

[Wed Photos 11]
American built EMD G 16 No. 57 keeps company with three earlier Clyde built EMD G 12 locos at the Hung Hom loco , the second loco is No. 54 which ended up back in Australia with Chicago Freight Leasing as TL 154

[Wed Photos 13]
China Rail Diesel 2171 waits at Hung Hom station at the head of a China bound passenger train. 4-8-1991.

[Wed Photos 14]
No. 55 an Australian built EMD G12 heads through Sheung Shui station with a Hong Kong bound freight.

[Wed Photos 15]
A Metro-Cammell EMU at Sheung Shui station , these trains are twelve cars long , this was the closest you could get to the then border with China.

[Wed Photos 16]
China Rail 2171 heads through Sheung Shui station with a through passenger train from China.

[Wed Photos 12]
All that remains of the original station at Kowloon is the clock tower nicely flood lit at night.

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