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  Mal Rowe

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From: Haby, Steven

Where was the location of the West Brunswick intermediate terminus...
Moreland Road & Melville Roads?

Hi Steven,

I can't help you from definitive knowledge.
The destination of the roll was simply "West Brunswk" with the last two letters in 'superscript'

Notionally the crossover North of Moreland Rd is in West Coburg (Moreland Rd being the boundary)
Daly St crossover is in West Brunswick.
However, my guess (like yours) would be Moreland Rd crossover (in Melville Rd).
Can anyone give a definitive answer?

Meanwhile, this is an opportunity to show the crossover at Moreland Rd getting some intensive use when the UP track in Melville Rd was relaid a few weeks back.

Mal Rowe

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