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Destination Subiaco describes these couplers as being Westinghouse Van Dorne pattern, were these compatible with Tomlinsons??

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> Gday All


> Bob thats a good clear shot.

> It looks like the D cars had Tomlinson couplings,

> and in theory,if they had PCM control,could run in

> muliple with a "H" or "P" car,if they were 4'8-1/2"

> Id like to see that.


> Cheeers Mick.

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> This photo shows a WAGT (Pertth) D class tram at the Barrack St Jetty. The tram shows off the advertising for the South Perth Philharmonic Society concerts at the Perth Town Hall. It is not known what the number of the tram was.

> The WAGR official photo was one of many taken to show the advertising done on the trams. The 20 D class trams were the only 2 motor trams in Aus to be fitted with mu equipment, and they ran coupled as needed.

> The pic is now in the PETS collection..

> Bob P


> link http://wagt_dcar_barrackstjetty.jpghttp://wagt_dcar_barrackstjetty.jpg