Re: Memorable TMSV tour
  Mal Rowe

On 24/03/2013 7:41 AM, Paul Nicholson wrote:

> Today marks 45 years since a memorable TMSV tour to Bendigo.


> ...


> I am sure Mal will be able to add to the anniversary with the line up photo of the four Birneys?


Hi Paul,

Glad to oblige - I had to dig out the old negs and fire up the scanner.

Firstly the trip up, at Rupertswood Platform, just past Sunbury ...
I recognise Peter Stoneham, Graeme Breydon and Len Millar on the rear platform of Yarra.

Secondly, the line up of the four operational Birney cars at the depot.

Thirdly (testing the patience of the moderator!) No 15 at the back of the depot.

None of us expected to ever see 15 run again ... and 27 was long gone!

Mal Rowe - still admiring the work of the Bendigo Tramways

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55RM Yarra RupertswoodPlatform 24Mar1968  |  1645W x 960H  | 318.92 KB |  Photo details
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30-29-28-11 BendigoDepot 24Mar1968  |  1578W x 1050H  | 292.45 KB |  Photo details
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15 BendigoDepot 24Mar1968  |  1280W x 823H  | 207.33 KB |  Photo details