Re: Combino Design [Was: Tuen Mun trams from Melbourne]
  Tony Prescott

--- InTramsDownUnder@..., Wolfgang Keller wrote:

> > Why do we still run to Europe for new trams ?


> Maybe:


The unspoken part of that question was why do we build them overseas, why not in Australia?

Well, the only tram manufacturer in modern times, Comeng, succumbed to corporate predations and liquidation and its tram factory in Melbourne is now owned by Bombardier, which is OK if you only want a Bombardier tram - and even Bombardier won't build trams here if given a choice. The Melbourne deal was a stipulation of the tender. The Gold Coast Flexitys are being built in Germany. The rarity of orders, economics and lack of supply chain for a modern tram mitigate against Australian construction. Even some of the suppliers for the Melbourne contract have collapsed.

It's more important to send the correct specification across to the overseas manufacturer and you will get a good, fit-for-Australia tram.

BTW I have a floorplan for the Melbourne E class but I don't know if it's on the web at the moment.

Tony P