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  Dudley Horscroft

Thanks for the update, Mal. It is good to see proper separation used where possible. I rather liked the separation I saw in Budapest (before the NF 12Bs started operation) - a line of domes a couple of feet or so apart, and about 5 or 6" high. This was on the Grand Boulevard - forgot the local name or it - on which the 4 and 6 routes run. No doubt helps them to carry the 10 000 passengers phpd that the NF12Bs were designed for.


Dudley Horscroft
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Looking at those pics made me remember that Melbourne used to have a "Line Marking Car". This was a W2 with arrangements for painting the clearance lines clearly visible between tram and traffic.
It was a conversion from W2 233 and was scrapped in 1986.

Is the original line marking car still running, if not what? A Z converted for line marking or do they use a truck now, or have it done commercially?

Line marking is not done by a specialised tramway vehicle.
It's handled in the same way as other road markings.

'Tramway special' lane marking is still required - including the yellow lines or occasionally yellow lane separators like those shown in the attached pic.
As you can see, sometimes the separators are concrete and other times plastic.

More recent works have used kerbing - enforcing no crossing by motor vehicles.
For example - in Fitzroy St, St Kilda.

Mal Rowe - who frequently enjoys passing queues of motor cars in a tram priority lane.