RE: New Interurban Tram for Cronulla Line.
  Terry Boardman

Thank you Noel

All much appreciated

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



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Subject: [TramsDownUnder] New Interurban Tram for Cronulla Line.

Hello Mick and other friends,

I originally posted this picture of PCC R1 2049 over two years ago.

This year 2012 has been the most stressful I have experienced in many ways.
I thought that for the Christmas season which is almost with us that a
little light hearted humour may ease the stress and result in a few

Trams might swim ---- but several of them have tried ----

And two managed to reach the other side

One of them helped a friend to move to a new home
after their old home was sold for demolition and re-development .

Happy Christmas to all.

Noel Reed. Trusting that 2013 will signal a better understanding of
tramway history.

PS -- I have just discovered this You Tube video. It even gives a glimpse of
the STM "South Shed".
Kiama to Sydney in 14 minutes by train - YouTube