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  Ellis Thornley

Hunslet, this old photo shows the Catenary O/H, sent opposite view yesterday.

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It appears Messrs Chabers,Field & Law did not take photos at Narrabeen before closure.In those days money was tight & one would have only possibly 8 or 12 photos per roll of film.

Harold Chambers did make it to the Manly system prior to closure and did take some photos. I have seen, and think that I have a copy of (somewhere) a tram (or coupled set) on or approaching the gauntlet track bridge,

There is also the well-known photo of a set of O-class sitting at Narrabeen terminus, showing the unusual (for a Sydney tramway) catenary type overhead.

On one or two tours of the North Sydney system, hand-painted symbol-type Manly system destinations were placed into the large O-class type front destination box. I even have a photo of one showing "Newport" - the proposed extension beyond Narrabeen that never was built. (If Mal searches through Ian's negatives, he may well find some similar photos, which, if we ask nicely, he may share with us!)


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