Re: Elizabeth St terminus.

You could squeeze one in the terminal shunt and two before the next crossover before Flinders Lane. This happened fairly frequently at peak periods under the direction of the Elizabeth St. Braid. The first version of the new shunt had the same capacity.

Of course the second tram for the Flinders lane shunt blocked the terminal tram.


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The attached photo shows this terminus at night.

The excellent cartography of Don Storey shows the very limited track layout available until sometime between 1980 and 1990. There appears to be room for just one tram beyond the last set of points. The lack of a crossover between the terminus and Lonsdale St would have been restricting should there be any mishap at the terminus. Split points would be so easy to do in the rush.

At the time I was not aware of the logistics and problems of providing a quick turnaround and some sort of regular interval on each route in the evening peak. That only struck me after working as a tram driver.


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