Re: Re: President Obama
  Matthew Geier

On 20/11/11 19:25, Dudley Horscroft wrote:


> Could anyone tell the difference?

> BTW, Canberra had a couple of trams and actually ran at least one -

> unfortunately only a hundred foot of track or so.

Both are now at Loftus. W2-249 did the Royal National Park runs at the
Museum today - still in it's 'Federal Capital Commission Tramways' livery.

> And there were about half a dozen (non-mobile) trams in the Tradies

> Club - all gone now I believe.

New management wanted to update the 'look' if the club. I think they
have all gone now. Loftus has a number stored about the place, and
helped rehouse others. I don't think any of the club's collection was
scrapped, they all went somewhere.

A Sydney C car recovered from Canberra is in the Loftus Restoration
Workshop being returned to operating state for use in Christchurch.