Re: Tramtracker on iphone problem

TT works very well in Perth on my IPad! If I want to see where tram 158 is running, voila! I am now in Melbourne and will install to my wife's IPad so she can see how to get to the museum etc while I pursue work interests.
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Subject: [TramsDownUnder] Tramtracker on iphone problem

Sue has just commenced a new contract with a top-rating super fund and as part of the work conditions they gave her an iphone4 (Sue'll never again give a company her personal mobile number).

Naturally, I had to help her set it up......... with TramTracker.

However, once installed, if you touch the TramTracker puppy, a blank "next tram" screen appears for a couple of seconds then a map of CBD flashes up then closes - all within 3 seconds or less. Touching the three menu options in the split second the map appears has no effect. Repeating this over and over has no effect. Son's iphone did the same thing (though said son doesn't want his data used up with frivolous things like tram times <g!> so has uninstalled TT).

Anyone got any clues on how to make TT work?