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  Christine Sweetnam

The good old optical view finder is fast becoming extinct on point and shoot
cameras with the exception of a few high end ones. I believe there are
technical reasons for that where the zoom range of the lens exceeds about 4

The next step up is an electronic viewfinder but you will not find them on
the cheaper point and shoot cameras.

For the time being it looks like it's the old hold the camera up and squint
trick or buy a DSLR.

Dick - the only real time pedestrian filter I know of is a shot gun
otherwise it's got to be done in post editing in Photoshop.

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Gday All

Ive got a Canon Ixus 801S point and shoot which Im very happy with.It does
what I want and it has a proper VIEWFINDER. When It dies, I want another
similar camers but it MUST have a viewfinder. I havent seen any new point
and shoot cameras with viewfinders. Do they exist ??

Cheers, Mick.

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I use a Fuji HS10 with a 30x zoom. Why would I want an SLR to get the same
zoom capabilities for a lot more money. My camera is fast and has anti shake
for those very low light situations. Adjusts to 6400 asa. Unfortunately I
just haven't got out and about with it much after the event of 31 Dec
(closing shop and therefore no money) and 18 Feb (pipework operation).

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Just some snaps indeed, Christine. They are wonderful.

When it is all said and done, a competent photographer like yourself would
get a great photo from a Kodak Brownie box camera.

Bad photos could certainly be produced from the world's best camera, in the
hands of a bad photographer.

I have an Olympus C 5500 which is adequate. I was not permitted to buy an
SLR at the time as I "only take photos of trams".

I can produce good photos or bad, depending on whether I have time to set up
the shot, or quickly snap something.

If I have the time to set up a shot and wait for the tram to come along, I
usually half depress the shutter button and that overcomes the delay when
the subject comes along, unless the camera decides to turn itself off at the
crucial time but there are ways of refreshing before that occurs..

I miss my old Pentax Spotmatic which I finally retired after 30 years of
faithful service after a trip to Melbourne in November 1974 and problems
with exposure. (The camera, not me).

I'll buy a DSLR eventually. Are there any available with heavy truck, car or
wandering pedestrian filters yet??