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  jeffrey b

The carriages & loco returned to Sydney on 392 up goods ex Goulburn at 1515hrs?
The carriages carried school children from Goulburn to Wingello,then train ran as a goods train to Sydney.
I saw it at Cambbelltown in Aug 1968<3807> with Carriage attached at 0230hrs.

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> The loco on my Thurs.30.5.68 ride was 3825, as suspected. The mainline

> carriages may have been because of complex interworking with the Canberra

> portion of Cooma Mail, and the slow and infrequent all-day train between

> Sydney and Canberra.


> Roderick B Smith

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> What I wouldn't give to be able to take this shot again in 2010...The train

> left Sydney at 1.10am and took about six hours to cover the 130 miles to

> Goulburn...


> Liam:

> ...I would give anything to even see a scene such as this one...


> I posted:

> ...I rode the 1.10 on Wed.29.5.68 night (ie Thurs.30.5 morning). The

> passenger portion was MCE819-EHO628. I suspect that the loco was 3825.