Surabaya map
  Roderick Smith

Ric has sent me three photos of trams on Java (mainly Batavia, which is now
He also sent a map, prepared by Dick v D Spek, covering Surabaya.
As a 1940 map, it uses old spellings.
Pasartoerie station isn't just Pasarturie today; IIRC it is Pasarsenen.
Remise Sawahan translates as Sawahan Depot.

I was expecting that the first batch from David would arrive overnight, so I
am saving Ric's photos to take their turn when David is finished.
I also have three photos taken at Taman Mini museum (Jakarta fringe): two of
models, and one of a an old photo.

I have yet to scan my photos of the Surabaya tram in Jan.79, after closure:
the tracks were vanishing under mud, water and strewn rubbish.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

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