Re: Trams passing...teashops
  Brian Blunt

Sorry Mr Hunslet, trams definitely did pass the Tea Gardens Hotel, in fact
Sydney's first electric trams did.

The Waverley/Bronte line (and the Waverley Depot to Coogee line) used this
section of Bronte Rd, turning right out of Oxford St. The locality was
known as Tea Gardens until the branch to Bondi Aq'm was opened. At one
stage the first section of Bronte Rd may have been known as Brisbane St.


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>>I can't quite do a teashop fast (IIRC I have a Brisbane one), but I can

>> do

>>Tea Gardens Hotel:

>>Tea Gardens Hotel (02) 9389 3288 2-4 Bronte Rd Bondi Junction NSW 2022

>>Did Bondi trams shoot through along Bronte Rd, a few years before I took

>>this photo?


> NO!


> In days of olde, this was Nelsons Bay Road. Trams never went along

> this road.


> Reference: Gregory's 1934 - 1sr edition street directory. Maps 10/20.



> Hunslet

> (who has been to Bronti by tram, like Noel!)