Madrid tram to Adelaide [was: Another Madrid Citadis at Preston]
  Mal Rowe

Ian Green wrote:

> The tram in question is 167 which was delivered on 10/09. They've just

> removed the number and Metro Ligero decals from the front.

> It was parked in exactly the same spot last week still with the fleet

> number visible plus the T204 reference (see attachment


> The other two Madrid trams there are 165 and 168, 167 appears to be the

> first one assembled and tested.

Thanks Ian,

That clears it up.

I called past Preston this afternoon and spoke to the truck drivers who
were there.

They said that they had delivered 3 more trams yesterday and were
waiting to load 167 for Adelaide this afternoon.

Adelaide TDUers - you have been alerted!

Here's a pic of one of the new arrivals (Madrid No 169)in the process of
being put together this afternoon.

Mal Rowe - enjoying the variety

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