Point Ormond
  Noel Reed

Ferriquinoligist wrote :-

X2 677 was the last car.Cars that ran on the last day were 178,675 & 902.675
& 677 went to Footscray after closure.178 was stored.
It is a shame that no one came forward to preserve 178 as it was a unique


On the Point Ormond topic, here again is my picture of No 198 in Glen
Huntley Road approaching the VR ESR crossing.

Please, what class is No 198 ?

Further to yesterdays thread. The bars are down across the off side
doorways. Did these always prevent off side boarding and alighting. Were /
are these covered in official tramway by-laws to make it an offence to pass
beneath the bars.

As I mentioned yesterday, the bars fitted to the end doorways on Sydney's R
class trams were rarely used and were not fitted on the later R1 class

Noel Reed.

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No 198 bound for Point Ormond approaching VR line crossing. Noel Reed  |  1818W x 1228H  | 364.36 KB |  Photo details