Re: OT -- baby in stroller rolling off platform in front of train survives
  Matthew Geier

Hunslet wrote:


> Tangara and Millennium sets are longer than "S" type cars. A set

> will be longer than Tangara and Millennium sets. Even the S sets

> are longer than their former single deck equivalent.


> One just has to see how an 8-car Tangara overhangs at both front and

> rear driver's door at a former standard length 520-ft platform. An

> old single deck set had about 10-ft clearance.



And not only that - look at the door placement on the S/K sets. They
are not consistent between car types / batches. For example the control
cars have a longer 'front' and the door is further from the middle,
where as the trailers have a longer double-decked section so the doors
are closer to the car ends. But even that isn't consistent, some
trailers having the same frame layout as a power car of the same batch,
but with a noticeably longer vestibule at one end.

No thought what so ever has been given to Sydney ever having platform
doors. One group obviously look, see the mish-mash of rolling stock and
give up. At the other end Rolling-stock procurement doesn't care about
door location as we don't have platform doors and no plan about them
(due to diverse stock:-)

That said, Sydney does have one station with platform screens - the
'departure' platforms at Olympic park have a 'fence' with gates that are
opened by platform staff. The gates are very wide to cater for the
different door spacing and the fence is sufficiently far back from the
platform edge that there is plenty of space to deal with a 'misalignment'.

Town Hall doesn't really have the space for such a large setback of a
fence or wall.