Re: tram archives
  Mick Duncan

Gday Ron / All

AFAIK, the Grenville and Punt Rs Sub was the 1st
Diode sub in Melb.

There are storys of the German test engineer saying,"More Amps
Ve want more amps" as it was being tested.and then other local
subs were cut out to provide more amps!!

And so the demise of Rotarys and Mercury Arcs started.
To a bloke who loves the traditional equipment, this was sad,

Cheers, Mick.

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> December 7


> 1929

> Collins St bus conversion route closed


> 1959

> Hawthorn stop-work dispute training drivers


> 1966

> (About) Sub-stations at Grenville & Punt Rds Prahran & 131 Chapel St

> South Yarra Completed

> Sub-station at Nelson St St Kilda demolished on account of St Kilda

> Junction improvement


> 1971

> Tram & bus strike