RE: Tait trains - marker light question
  Noel Reed

As far as I know, the VR Swing Door and Tait electric trains had 750 volt DC
auxiliary control circuits and light circuits fed from a 1500 volt - 750
volt motor generator. I understand that all carriage lights were series
connected similarly to tramcar practice.

I believe that the marker lights above the cab were each equipped with a
movable red filter when used as tail lights at the rear of a train. This
would be a similar arrangement to that used on marker / tail lights on the
DERMs (rail motors).

The Swing Door and Tait trains also had an oil (kerosene) tail light mounted
behind a recess at the front of the carriage to show a red light to the rear
of the train if a power failure resulted in loss of electric lighting.

I would stand correction with these facts from learned Victorian people.

Noel Reed. Sydney. NSW.


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Afternoon gents,

Semi-OT I know, but I'm wondering if anyone could help me with a
little info. I'm trying to ascertain the setup of Tait rear marker
lights. The three lights in the beam above the cab are visible, but
did the two outer lights of these three have a red light as well to
light up when it was at the rear of the train?

I was a kid in the 70s and 80s when they ended service and my memory
isn't clear on them.

So, a little rundown on Tait front and rear marker lights would be
very helpful.

Thanks, cheers,