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  Mick Duncan

Gday Mal/All

Good shot. Apart from the Tait, it looks like a "J" shunting
the IA wagons of briquettes.
I used to live in Nth Carlton and after school,in early 60s
there was a goods on the Inner Circle that went
to Nth Fitzroy and sometimes to the Fitzroy briquette siding
that was about 1/2 mile long.
This train was always steam,K,N,J, A2 and maybe a D3.
It went over 3 Tramway level crossings.
I chased it on my bike. A good after school entertainment.
Im spewing about the lost photos I didnt take.

Cheers, Mick.

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> Brian wrote:

>> One of my memories of travelling by train in Melbourne in the late

>> 50s early 60s was that just about every second station seemed to have

>> a yard, or at least a siding, full of briquette wagons, usually 4

>> wheelers I think.


> Like this you mean?



> ... and I guess with the Tait set in the background it's even 'on topic'

> :-)


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> Mal Rowe in Melbourne