Re: W-Class at Newport Workshops
  Paul Nicholson

I understand W3 667 has been moved to Newport Workshops for inclusion
in the filming of the Stephen Spielberg television mini-series "Pacific".

Perhaps this means it is no longer possible to have historic Melbourne
trams filmed on the street? I remember taking photos of L104 and L106
outside Flinders Street station when they were used in the filming of
the "Squizzy Taylor" move in the 1980s (this has been discussed
previously on TDU).

I also understand a former MMTB "austerity" (wartime) bus is also
being used in the filming.

There was an item on 3AW last week about the filming of the "Pacific"
mini-series and the high prices being charged for both access to
facilities and for "professional" advice about Melbourne in the 1940s.
I do hope some of this money is flowing into the transport
preservation movement.

Paul in Melbourne