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> -Andrew,thought you'd never ask!the aforesaid

tribute marks a
> wonderful occasion,on the 26th of June 1967 there

was an around the
> world TV hook-up called "Our World",Melbournes

contribution was the
> mornings first car out of South Melbourne Depot,5.18

am the first
> South Melbourne Beach,car 774

Pic attached - global satellite television was
definitely in its formative stages!

The car in the background was 980 - the M&MTB wanted
their "best car" to be used but the producers insisted
on a regular car. The Board made sure that 980 was
visible - somewhat futile given picture quality!

The TV show ended up with the Beatles doing their
premier perfomrmance of "All You Need is Love".

Good trivia question - "Which Melbourne tramcar
co-starred with the Beatles :-)

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