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  Peter Bruce

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> Bendigo is a city which celebrates its history - and with good reason.


> Pall Mall is probably one of the best Victorian / Edwardian streetscapes

> anywhere.


> The attached pic shows Bendigo's ESCo Vic toastrack out on the occasion

> of the ARHS VR car tour back in August.



> Perhaps this pic fits even into Peter B's "through the windscreen"

> series as it was taken through the windscreen of 53!


> The war memorial to the left is a scaled down replica of the Cenotaph in

> London. Behind the lamps associated with the fountain stands the

> Victorian grandeur of "The Shamrock" hotel. The former National Bank

> and the Beehive Buildings are further to the right and an Indian

> Restaurant occupies the shop with the two story verandah. I recall that

> shop being "Favaloros Cafe" in tramway times ... all a testimony to the

> waves of exotic cuisine brought to Australia by waves of migration.

> --

> Mal Rowe in Melbourne

G'day all,

All the above applies to my attached photo of 21 taken in 1970, except that
it wasn't taken through a windscreen!


Peter Bruce.

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