Brisbane Russell St Substation demolition (was Brisbane Remnants - Ascot Substation)
  Troy Thomas

Thanks Huddo

No wonder I could never find Ballow Street sub - I was always looking from Ballow Street - next time I'm up in Brisbane, I'll take a walk down Constance Street. I could have sworn someone once told me it had been knocked down.

So Russell Street sub is the only one to go. Here's a couple of small B&W pics of Russell Street substation being demolished (in early 1987) to make way for Expo 88. Sorry about the picture quality.

At the TDU archives at:


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G'Day Troy,

Ascot sub. had a BTH pumpless steel tank rectifier, one of the

subs built in the post war era, don't know the exact date. This building was

shared with the Electricity Department, the D of E we called it., the

'tramways' occupied the rear portion of the building. Ashgrove was like that

also, except the tramways had the front bit . Both had public toilets as

well. You can see them on the left of the pic. The toilets at Ascot were

closed, too many undesirables hanging around.

The Valley sub, AKA Ballow St, was still there last time I

looked. Main entrance was in Constance St in later years, where the control

room was located. You can see it here on Google Earth, roof with two long

skylights right in the middle of the block. .

http://maps. maps?f=q& hl=en&q=brisbane &ie=UTF8&
t=k&om=1& z=18&ll=- 27.455922, 153.036225&
spn=0.002109, 0.005364

Looking forward to more of your substation pics, Troy. I'll see if I

can follow up with a few of my own.


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