My favorite 10 trams
  Steve Ohlsen

1/ Ballarat 38 - Nice car
2/W5 763 -fastest clyde i ever handled
3/sw2 644- nice tram have to remember that door key though.
4/D1 3504- still think one of the best of the combinos to drive
5/Z3 123 - Car i got my Z licence on first tram i had a bingle in.
6/Bendigo 15- last Single truck car i drove.
7/ 7w wierdest control gear fascinated me
8/ z2 107 window open wind in the hair high speed down St Kilda rd yep.
9/ Z1 81 The odd ball was the fastest car on the system at Camberwell
10/B1 2001- love the air compressor and it held good time when i was up front!

So theres my selection.