Re: W2 283 and a TAN story involving the Kelly gang
  Mick Duncan

Gday Dudley

As the W2s were 9 foot over the step,and 7'6" over the body
and the W5 and later, also 9' over step but 8' over body.

All Melb 4 motor trams were 9' over the step

Looks like the 6 foot widening would have been done for a different reason

Cheers, Mick

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[TramsDownUnder] wrote:
> Yet I remember that in Swanston Street the '6 ft' was increased during a relay in the 1950s, supposedly so that the wider cars W5s?

> could use that road. I remember words about the "Devil Strip" being made wider.


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> Dudley Horscroft