RE: Re: Tram''s on track, but not all are happy about it

Graeme Inglis wrote:

> 512 is an apparently steam tram operating in Zimbabwe to the world-famous Victoria Falls . Design looks to be a pretty close copy of the Franschhoek wine tram south of Cape Town in Sth Africa.

Thanjs Graeme, I would NEVER have got that one!

> As far as Nambour goes, pretty sloppy journalism regarding choice of photograph!

The Nambour video Mal linked to even had a Christchurch Brill in it, and an SEC tram I believe, as well as the odd shot of a loco-hauled cane tram in, apparently, Nambour!

david mcl, who saw diesel loco-hauled cane trams on Viti Levu last summer.