GCLR2 Totally new angle for viewing the extension.
  Richard Youl

For some time the Arundel Springs real estate works have been taking place beyond the northern end of Greenacre Drive Arundel, and finally Stage 1 roads are open to the public.

Photo 1 shows a southbound train at the northernmost end of the estate. The Coombabah Creek bridge is just out of view further to the right. Note the sun on the new overhead.

2. Same place, looking south. Smallest lots are 315 Sq M, if anyone is tempted to build next to the tram line, and even right next door to the substation, and not far from a future stop. But if it looks like a quiet bushland setting, the M1 highway between Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sydney can readily be heard continuously just a short distance away through the trees.

3. Napper Rd Parkwood road crossing, looking west. This intersection was supposed to be closed for roadworks and overhead erection this weekend however predicted rain must have put them off. A check of the weather radar suggests that all the rain has gone south into NSW.

4. Looking east at Napper Rd showing the Parkwood tram stop. It will be interesting to see what they do with that gap in the concrete where the wooden sleepers are.

5. Looking further east, you can see that the trams will have a bit of hill climbing to do but it is not as steep as it looks here.


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