Re: Re: Vienna stop?

They may have figured the door interference issue by the time thay built that stop.

Perhaps you ought to rap those new concrete boxes with your knuckles to check that they aren't actually hollow plastic Potemkin boxes! The yellow ones I described were actually put into use in Sydney but the only sign of many of them nowadays is the round ring of the base, with the dynabolts still holding it to the island, the actual bollard having long since been swept away by "vehicle intrusion"!

I don't have a photo of one but I think this would a close equivalent in UK:

Tony P
(noting that visual-only deterrents don't seem to scare motorists)

---InTramsDownUnder@..., <mal.rowe@...> wrote : Here's a pic of the Macarthur St stop that's not the usual foreshortened stop.

As you can see, the guides are fairly widely spaced adjacent to the actual stopping area of the tram.

Mal Rowe - in a city turning concrete bollards into an art form,