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  Mal Rowe

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> The attached sketch shows what I remember as the track layout at St Kilda. Trams from the Esplanade went down Acland St. Carlisle Street trams terminated against the curb (which was how I remember it) but could use the loop (in a clockwise direction (as done by the specials in the photos).. There was a double track connection between the Esplanade and Carlisle Street tracks, but this didn't see regular service then. (It would now with the Kew Cotham Road service being extended to the city.)


Thanks again David,

Here's a slightly later pic from the camera of Trevor Triplow.

It shows the tracks immediately after the kerbside terminus had been removed - you can see the fresh road surface and the new terminating crossover for route 69 on the old connecting track.

Mal Rowe - a fair way north of the St Kilda triangle

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