Re: Policy on doors and other things - was Re: IWLR still with peak hour service cutback

Hi Greg. The lack of good management by TfNSW is a major problem, but they are now at least specifying all double-leaf doors as standard on new buses for metropolitan contracts. The non-opening of doors by private drivers is something practised randomly by individual drivers and not it seems as a matter of policy by the companies. It's a result of TfNSW failing to lay down and enforce rules. The contract for IWLR is also a product of TfNSW not doing its job properly. If any if you experience any of these problems you need to go TfNSW's feedback page on their website (or phone) and put in a complaint every time it happens.

You must be lucky in your area. I've always found the government operation rough in any area, whether 50 years ago or today. I know they have some horrible traffic to contend with, but I'm hard pressed to think of anywhere else I've found such rough driving and customer-hostile attitudes.

Tony P