Re: Re: The elusive La Luna loop
  Mal Rowe

On 19/05/2017 6:19 PM, 'Dudley Horscroft'transitconsult@... [TramsDownUnder] wrote:

> Thanks for this, Mal. Interesting that this photo from 1926 shows a double track on the south side of the 'triangular' loop,

> converging into a single track, which was presumably the original terminus before the loop was added. To this has been connected,

> presumably, the outlet from the terminal loop. The only problem I see is that the indication of tram tracks on the entry from

> Ackland Street appears to show them as on the eastern side of the street, which would mean that the loop operated clockwise.


Yes, that's correct Dudley.

Unfortunately your memory (like mine!) is perhaps not quite right about some early recollections.

The only way into the loop was from the westbound track in Carlisle St. - clockwise.
I suspect that it was common for the trams to exit in the anti-clockwise direction - because that's where the tram stop was and that's where passengers would expect to board.

If that's true, in effect the loop layout was irrelevant as a stub siding beyond the terminus would have done the same job.

Mal Rowe - who never saw the loop