1041 - 1070 was Re: Re: Russell St [Was: Glenhuntly - 1957 and 2017]

Dudley wrote:

> I have been asking for documentary evidence that Bolte cancelled 1041 to 1070. Or, as you put it, " was reportedly enraged by it" the conversion of the Bourke Street routes. But no takers.

It is on page 34 of Destination City 5th edition: "Construction of a further 30 W7 class cars had commenced and 10 were well advanced when the State Government cancelled the order to reduce expenditure."

The State Government of course was Bolte. I have seen various other written references over the years, including what Bolte's transport minister said at the opening of (IIRC) East Preston Depot, built for the Bourke St bus conversions.

> Nothing about it in his biography,

Indeed not. I have a copy and read it carefully. No mention of trams at all from memory. I shall dig it out later.

david mcl