Policy on doors and other things - was Re: IWLR still with peak hour service cutback
  Greg Sutherland

A few comments/observations on a number of Tony P's recent posts:

"Sorry, but I see the privates working very well indeed both in
Illawarra and in Perth. The other thing is that the great bulk of
drivers working for new contractors in the STA regions will be taken up
from the STA so they will be the same drivers (unfortunate imho as they
are a surly, rude, rough-driving mob). "

I don't know which 'mob' you are referring to but as someone who uses
STA most week days and some weekends in the Eastern Region I must say
that the vast majority of our bus drivers are courteous, friendly and
approachable. It is commonplace to hear passengers thanking the drivers
as the passengers alight the vehicle.

"It's really up to TfNSW to enforce matters like policy on doors. It's
an example of their weakness that they don't universally."

Correct and it is also TfNSW who specify and purchase the buses (both
STA and private) and they continue to allow the privates to order buses
without or with minuscle back doors and most privates in Sydney direct
their drivers to not open rear doors in service, so the privates are a
long way behind STA. Bus life 25 years so there is a long way to go
before operations become effective in terms of physically possible entry
by the back door in privately operated regions, at least all new STA
artics are opening all three doors.

"The buck stops at the top. Perth has a very good top, Sydney doesn't."

Agreed and the top in this case in NSW is TfNSW.

"The Sydney trams are running under an operating contract."

I would hardly call that an example of a well run and operating system.

"TfNSW has advised that they are running extra trams on the line today.
Presumably there is provision for this if it is a well-prepared
operating contract. "

Do you really believe that that happened? It was a typical TfNSW press
handout with little reference to reality, TfNSW can't even get the IWLR
to run a reasonable (as opposed to a good) service. It doesn't matter
how good the operating contract is if it is not enforced. What was the
penalty or rather was a penalty even applied when operational
incompetence required all variotrams wheels to be replaced with a two
week shut down of the IWLR (I suggest it was swept under the carpet).