IWLR during the bus strike
  Tony Galloway

I went over to the Taverners Hill tram stop yesterday afternoon to see if enormous hordes had flocked to the IWLR during the bus strike - apparently not. I was on the inbound platform between about 5:00pm to 5:45, and took these pics. Despite mention in traffic and transport reports there was extra services running I saw little different from the usual operation with the normal wide variation in headway - longest 12 minutes, shortest 5. I was concentrating on outbound services to see if there was a noticeable increase in passenger numbers. Trams were well filled but not more than usual, and alighting passengers at Taverners Hill were about the usual numbers.

I - 2115 inbound and 2116 outbound at Taverners Hill departing their respective platforms, just after 5pm. Six passengers alighted from 2016, two boarded 2015.

2 - 2114 at 5:10 with the passengers who’d just got off.

3 - Two of the hired buses substituting for STA service on Parramatta Rd, viewed from the Taverners Hill stop looking west, returning empty to the city. They carried passengers inbound in the morning, outbound in the evening, but didn’t display destinations, only route numbers on cards or stickers. I don’t know if fares were taken.

4 - 2122 heading for Dulwich Hill, around 5:20. As it got darker you could see through the AOA that onboard loads were high, but trams are usually well filled anyway around this time.

5 - By 5:35 it was getting dark. This pic confirms what I thought I spotted the other day - formerly ad-less 2123, inbound, now has external advertising on three body sections.

6 - Last pic - 2118 at 5:45. Two got off, one got on, car well filled with most seats occupied and several standees.

Tony G

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