Re: The elusive La Luna loop

I have no memories of seeing the loop used in regular service, though I didn't live in the area. Both the 69 (Kew Cotham Road - St Kilda Beach) and 79 (North Richmond - St Kilda Beach) terminated at the kerb, as shown in Mal's photo. NB: the track crossing in the background was just a connection between the Esplanade track that went down Acland St and the Carlisle Street track, it wasn't a terminus.

BUT the loop was a great favourite on fan trips. The first two photos are an AETA trip with 52 on 17/10/1959 and the third on an AETA trip on 22/10/1960 with 469 The quality isn't brilliant, I'm afraid. They were taken with an old 120 camera.

David Walker

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