Re: The elusive La Luna loop

Not sure its a "nobody cares" situation. I believe that its an
enlightened management who is taking care of their passengers, after all
its those very passengers who keep them in business. That is a maxim that
many many organisations don't take heed of. Sad to say though my regular
bus journeys on the Pakenham local buses do suffer from the "passengers go
to hell" and the older drivers regularly hide round the corner until
seconds before departure.

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> Probably depends on the city if a driver is allowed to leave a vehicle

> unattended with passenger aboard. Some systems may discourage the

> practice or outright ban the driver leaving while people are on board.

> I've seen both practices, although I couldn't catalogue the cities -

> some it's clear passengers are not supposed to be on the tram/bus when

> the driver is absent and other's it's clear no one cares.__


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