Re: Light Rail: a victim of its own success
  Matthew Geier

On 21/04/17 15:12, 'Dudley Horscroft'transitconsult@...
[TramsDownUnder] wrote:

> The Kingsford line should have continued to Maroubra Junction - a better place for an interchange between bus and tram, and the

> Randwick line to Coogee, avoiding the need for a bus shuttle from the beach to Randwick.

Interchange from buses to the trams is no longer considered I believe.
The buses from further afield will now run express to the city and
probably clog up Elisabeth Street instead.

I doubt there will be a bus shuttle from the beach to Randwick, the bus
will do the stops where it does now to Randwick then run express to the

In conjunction with the tram works there is a lot of 'denisification'
going on in the Randwick and Kensington areas. Those extra residents
will fully occupy the trams.




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