Re: Light Rail: a victim of its own success

Even from Perth (where today I had the surreal experience of waiting for the 507 bus at Bulls Ck when a Sydney Atlantean hove into sight - a party bus I think!), I can say that the former tram took 15 minutes between CQ and Central with 12 intermediate compulsory stops, while CSELR is planned to take 15 minutes with 5 intermediate stops.

When I was working with the council team they said it couldn't be done any quicker because of RMS cross light cycles. You can work out the time loss.

The former trams also ran at down to 18 second headways, described at the time as a "moving platform."

There is a beautifully restored Lancaster bomber at the RAAF museum at Bulls Ck. Built at Austin Motor Co at Birmingham where my dad worked building them before he joined the merchant navy. He would have loved to see it but at least his granddaughter made sure she got a good eyeful. Well worth a visit that museum, lots of aircraft.

Tony P