Re: FW: snippets, Thurs.20.4.17
  Matthew Geier

On 20/04/17 15:08, Richard Youltressteleg@... [TramsDownUnder]


> Overall, too much emphasis in is placed on precise running times,

> something impossible to achieve by any vehicle running on streets with

> other road users. Passengers often can tell whether you are running fast

> or dragging the road, and it is ridiculous to have to run very slow just

> because this time all the traffic lights are green and fewer than usual

> cars blocking the way. You can't stop a tram just anywhere to wait for

> the clock to catch up.

My local buses run slow and sometimes just sit at stops - particularly
on holidays when the traffic is light, due to running ahead of table.
The drivers sit at the stop till the clock clicks over.

Now with all buses GPS tracked by the Opal equipment, running early and
late is all recorded. Will even show up on my phone when a driver
accidentally takes a wrong turn - the little pin shows where the bus
really is, not where it's supposed to be.

Trams could just wait at certain stops where they are clear of other
road traffic.
Of course this sort of thing rather ticks off the passengers. :-)