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  Noel Forster

I have a Pelaco shirt with epaulettes for my duties at PETS, Mick.

My wife arranged for the badges to be sewn onto my shirt by a 104-year-old resident at the aged care facility where she works. A fine job she did too!



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Gday All

True, some plain clothes Cops didnt have pink tickets, which I never punched and showed cop thingies, I let them go

I also let uniformed Cops ride in the cab

You might need them one day

Cheers, Mick, who remembers when Trammies, Cops,Firemen Ambos and
Railwaymen all had Pelaco shirts, but the Trammies
and railwaymen didnt have epaulettes

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That list would multiply by 100% every moment on the 57 through North Melbourne. The ticket checkers would make an absolute killing if they targetted that route on the upside of the Abby corner.

There was another group of fare evaders mentioned in an MMTB notice in the 1980s.

See attached.

Mal Rowe - who reckons that Tony G will love this one!