Re: The black list
  Richard Youl

I once challenged a young off duty cop on that basis. I forget if I got the money out of him but he certainly was not happy.

If police were a lot more helpful when tram crews had problem passengers, I probably would have had a much blinder eye.

As for lists of known fare evaders, they were not in use by 1987. If I had all night I could tell you all the ruses, methods of forged tickets end that I came across. And it was not often the scumbag types who tried to trick me out of a fare!


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>> That list would multiply by 100% every moment on the 57 through North Melbourne. The ticket checkers would make an absolute killing if they targetted that route on the upside of the Abby corner.


> There was another group of fare evaders mentioned in an MMTB notice in the 1980s.


> See attached.


> Mal Rowe - who reckons that Tony G will love this one!


> <PoliceTravel_1981.pdf>