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  Geoff Olsen

3 MILLION Kilometres in France?
Geoff O.

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Oops - forgot the link to the story :

Tony G

On 18 Apr 2017, at 4:47 pm, Tony Galloway arg@...> wrote:

Here’s the full stupidity in the Newcastle Herald story.

Looks to me they just want to save money by not stringing wires.

The next announcement will be they’re not going to bother with rails either - what a crock of shit.

I still reckon they have NO intention of putting LR in Newcastle, and so far Westmead-Carlingford is just talk too.

Tony G

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On 18/04/17 15:51, 'Brian'bblunt@... [TramsDownUnder] wrote:
> Andrew Constance has announced that Newcastle LR will be entirely APS

APS is propitiatory Alstom. CAF already have the vehicle supply contract.

Not going to happen.

CAF might do the hard sell on their ACR battery/capacitor system, who's
performance in Seville was distinctly underwhelming.

If Newcastle want trams that run at walking pace and no functional
air-conditioning system, go for it....