Re: Re: FW: snippets, Thurs.6.4.17
  Matthew Geier

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[TramsDownUnder] wrote:


> Just the French way of saying ‘more seats — less trams’. Forget that the

> trams are overcrowded now.

Since Keolis took over, are their any French managers any more ?

Keolis is 70% owned by SNCF, the French national railways.

Funny how our own Government can't own public transport, but it's OK for
foreign governments to have large stakes.

> Common sense(whatever that is) would say bigger trams, less overcrowding.

> Obviously not in the French way of thinking.

I think Keolis may have imported some managers from it's Asian
operations, where only floor area counts.

At any rate I don't think Keolis has much say on the allocation of
specific rolling stock to specific routes and the timetables of said
routes. PTV call the shots. PTV is Keolis's 'customer' not the
passengers carried on the trams they manage.