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MetroTwitter 810820Th St Kilda Tait. (Weston Langford 114560). Cleaned and
retoned a little.
The caption stated six-car, and two pantographs are visible (the 'third'
must be a shadow). However, I can't see M-T-D-M-T-D fitting. Is it only a
three-car set, M-T-M (very unusual)?

170418Tu Melbourne 'Herald Sun' - energy, gas. with tdu.

170418Tu Melbourne 'Age' - 1991 Melbourne map, in 19th century style.

Metro Twitter Mon.17.4.17
13.56 Swanston St trams in both directions are delayed due to a rally in the
A look at Platforms 10 and 11 at Flinders St in late November 73. Weston
Langford. www.westonlangford.com/images/photo/112631 [it's been up before]..
Australian Rail Maps‏ Today's historic pic: 63RM on a special tour at
Heidelberg Rd, Fairfield, Vic, March 17 1985. A remnant of Melbourne's Outer
Circle Railway.

Melbourne Express: Tuesday, April 18, 2017.
7.34 Route 19/57/59 trams along Elizabeth Street have resumed.
The creator of the hand-drawn Melbourne 1991 map is working on an updated
version for 2017.
Detail from the Melbourne Map, 1991. Photo: Supplied.
Even looking at it from this zoomed-out view shows how much has changed,
particularly around Docklands.
Incredible change: Much-loved 1991 map of Melbourne is updated for 2017.
6.47 Because of a collision in Elizabeth Street, Route 19/57/59 trams are
operating only between the suburbs and Stop 5 Melbourne Central. VicRoads
and Victoria Police were not aware of anything, so it must have been a minor
bingle. 6.53 resumption.
5.59 A water main has burst at the intersection of Collins and Russell
Street outside Scots Church.
The water has run down the tram tracks to the corner of Collins and
Elizabeth but there's no flooding.
Most of the water is running down Russell Street toward Carlton. The water
is an icky shade of green. Photo: Ebony Bowden .

Labor, industry call for gas export swaps Australian Associated Press,
Tues.17.4.17. with tdu.

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