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Happy 100th birthday, Dame Vera Lynn, 20.3.17.
Dame Vera Lynn, the WWII forces sweetheart, turning 100 today.
We'll meet again, with an album of WWII photos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHcunREYzNY
When I grow too old to dream, with a background of flying clips from the film 'Battle of Britain'.

Chuck Berry dies, 18.3.17
2 min obituary < www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq_BT1sd7oc>
There are many youtube clips.
Greatest hits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1eI4EH-DRg.
For transport enthusiasts: 'No particular place to go'.
or 'Downbound train': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZTonKSWc7w.
The 1950s, an era when today's older transport enthusiasts were growing up. I remember some of these on 78 rpm jukeboxes before 45 rpm took over, and also before transistor radios.
* Jerry Lee Lewis.
* Sir Cliff Richard (from 1958, not 1955).
* Don Everly.
* Little Richard.
Lost: Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Phil Everly, Ray Charles, Johnny O'Keefe, many more.

170320M Melbourne 'HeraldSun':
- letters, energy. at tdu.
- naked cycling.

170320M Melbourne 'Age' - London cemetery. at tdu.

170325Sa-26Su Grand Prix tram plan.


Melbourne Express: Monday, March 20, 2017.
8.52 Inbound route 19 trams have resumed.
8.45 Photo gallery: Naked riding adventure around Melbourne Roads Minister Donnellan will soon hold a press conference on new lanes to be opened on CityLink. The lanes are expected to open within weeks. The new lanes will stretch from the Flemington Road interchange to the Westgate Freeway.
8.21 Inbound route 19 trams are delayed by a traffic incident in Royal Pde. There is a crash in Royal Parade, near Park Street, Carlton North. Passengers might want to takeg a 505 bus between Walker Street and Grattan Street. It was a crash between a cyclist and a car just after 8am. The cyclist was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital but their condition is not known.

Andrew Bolt: Electric solution is just pretence. at tdu
Herald Sun March 19, 2017.
<www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/andrew-bolt-electric-solution-is-just-pretence/news-story/c25652ede9faf2f78698a2bb02b20bac> 133 comments, fairly mixed, but generally supportive of Bolt's stance.

World Naked Bike Ride takes over Melbourne streets.
Herald Sun March 19, 2017.
CYCLISTS have bared it all in the annual World Naked Bike Ride.
Riders in Melbourne were raising awareness for bike safety with the mantra “do you see us now?”
Held every March, this year’s ride marks the 10th anniversary.
Organisers said the event was launched to remind drivers that cyclists shared the road too.
They certainly couldn’t be missed today.
Onlookers can’t believe their eyes as naked riders wind their way through the CBD. Picture: Jason Edwards Stop when the lights are flashing. Picture: Jason Edwards It’s warm out. Picture: Jason Edwards A rider makes her way to the finish. Picture: Jason Edwards Shoppers got a little more than they bargained for. Picture: Jason Edwards Safety first! Helmets were a must. Picture: Jason Edwards Riders coast past Flinders St Station. Picture: Jason Edwards Yes, they’re wearing (almost) nothing. Picture: Jason Edwards Nobody will believe me unless I take a photo. Picture: Jason Edwards Squeeze in. Everyone poses for a happy snap. Picture: Jason Edwards What is happening? Picture: Jason Edwards Eyes ahead. This passerby didn’t know where to look. Picture: Jason Edwards <www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/world-naked-bike-ride-takes-over-melbourne-streets/news-story/771ed2adac357b4cac7300f06531fa19> 60 comments, mainly hostile: 'flashers on footpaths are criminal, but these people are noble heroes'.

Naked riding adventure around Melbourne
Cyclists stripped to their birthday suits in Melbourne's Edinburgh Gardens to peacefully expose the vulnerability of cyclists on the road.
Gallery of 11 photos.

March 20 2017 Dig underway for Matthew Flinders in old London cemetery. At tdu.

March 20 2017 Energy crisis: The 9 questions you were too embarrassed to ask . at tdu.

Plan to cut out street parking on Sydney Rd to make way for separate bike lanes.
Moreland Leader March 20, 2017.
PARKING on Sydney Rd will go to make way for separated bike lanes in a move backed by Moreland Council.
The Bicycle Network and RACV has proposed a range of measures including the removal of on-street car parking, making way for separated bike lanes and wider footpaths.
The council has called on VicRoads to trial the ideas while the Upfield bicycle path is closed during the construction of the Jewell railway station precinct.
“Everyone agrees that Sydney Rd needs fixing — it’s not working for anyone right now, whether you are in a car or a tram, walking on the footpath or riding a bike,” Bicycle Network spokesman Garry Brennan said.
RACV manager roads and traffic Dave Jones wrote in RoyalAuto that the trial should be completed before the 2018 state election.
“Something must be done to reduce the conflict between pedestrians, riders and vehicles, to speed up trams and provide a street environment that will enable Sydney Rd to thrive,” he wrote.
Northeast Ward councillor Ali Irfanli told the March 8 council meeting that removing street car parking would hurt traders.
“The small traders in Brunswick rely on those car parks,” Cr Irfanli said. “People are not there to pass through; if they were, they would take a much faster route.”
Fellow Northeast Ward councillor Natalie Abboud asked Cr Irfanli what evidence he had to back up claims that Sydney Rd was not used as a thoroughfare. He replied, “Local knowledge”.
Brunswick Senior Sergeant Michael Moloney said there was a lot of “thoroughfare traffic” during clearway times.
The council will commission a study into Sydney Rd’s configuration with accessible tram stops, removing on-street parking and installing a separated bike lane, in consultation with traders.
RELATED: Cyclists urge Moreland Council not to adopt double bike lanes.
RELATED: Sydney Rd poses high risk for cyclists.
RELATED: Thousands ride in moving tribute to cyclist killed on Sydney Rd .
* Traders scream too loudly for parking on busy roads. Roads should be for movement, not for parking. I never use parallel parking on busy roads at strip shopping centres. If there isn't off-street parking at the rear, I go somewhere else.Edit (in 5 minutes)
* Ban cycling along Sydney Rd...direct them down the back streets and lanes......if the "smarties" had a look at a detailed map it could be done cheaply..Or the other stupid thing that a typical Green/left wing Council could do is make Sydney Rd a .."Mall"
* Why ban cyclists? They're not the ones killing people with their vehicles..
* Why would anyone want to park near shops?

Grave of explorer Captain Matthew Flinders to be dug up to clear way for rail project. at tdu.
AAP, News Corp Australia Network Mon.20.3.17.

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