Re: FW: snippets, Mon.6.3.17, Adele crowds.

Just in case somebody hasn't seen it before, Assistant Chief Traffic Manager Patrick Timmony's paper on moving crowds in Sydney:

Note in the closing paragraph the polite but firm dig at Sydney City Council for introducing car parking at Moore Park. In the previously posted photo, taken around the same time as Timmony's paper, there are some 60 trams visible, just within the frame alone.
The 1943 Sydney aerial shows that Mt Lang was still there then but in its location now is the training oval known appropriately as Tramway Oval. Despite its name, it has been defended stoutly by the rugby fraternity against the incursion of new tramways. To cement that, the Tibby Cotter bridge has been built in the path of any possible invasion of tram tracks into the area to bring patrons closer to the venues. Definitely can't have trams around Tramway Oval.

In the second film clip of the three here, again taken around the same time in the 1930s, you can see how much of a congestion problem for the trams that cars are already causing:

In the first clip at Randwick you see a most un-heavy rail scene where the crowd is constantly moving from the venue onto the transport without building up into a stationary mass. The racecourse exit was designed with exactly the right number of gates to filter the crowd through at a rate at which they could board trams without waiting. Just brilliant and something we'll surely never see again because apparently we're much cleverer nowadays aren't we?

Tony P