Re: FW: snippets, Mon.6.3.17, Adele crowds.

Well you've had her in Melbourne - 77,000 and I wonder how long they took to clear by train and tram?

This photo appears in the article:

It looks a bit blocked-up, certainly non free-flowing, compared to those old scenes at Randwick Racecourse and that single train looks pathetic alongside the crowd! However I guess this is what we'll see on CSELR except for much fewer and smaller trams.

I've learned that Olympic Park Station in Sydney, even though it's on a loop with two platform tracks and loading and unloading on different sides of the train, can only lift 50,000 in an hour at 90 second headways. Apparently it took them 90 minutes to clear their part of the Sydney Adele crowd. The Sydney trams at Moore Park or Randwick would lift a similar crowd in less than 60 minutes.,_Sydney,_Sydney

Here's an interesting 1930s image of trams lined up in Moore Park waiting for a match to finish at Sydney Cricket Ground. Note the car-parking kindly enabled by Sydney City Council, a source of acrimony between the tramways and the council. Now the council wants to get rid of cars and have trams. Who helped cause the problem I wonder?

I never knew about that mound called "Mount Lang", you learn something every day. Obviously it's been levelled since then. Can't have people viewing a match for free can we?

The site of the new Moore Park tram "station" is at lower left of the photo, a long way from the old convenient drop-off/pick-up outside the venues. (The third venue, Sydney Showground, is out of sight at the right.)

Tony P